Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hey everyone! Its already been a month since my last blog entry so i better catch everyone up! Kyler is geting so dang big! He is smiling and giggling like crazy! He can hold himself up. He is so much fun! We took him swimming at the natatorium the other day for the first time, he was so excited kicking his feet and splashing. Then he got hungry :(

Taylee is being the little cutie she is (most of the time). She says the cutest prayers! She Always reminds me. The other day it went like this "help us be good, help us sleep in our own beds, help us get dressed all by ourselves, MOM CLOSE YOUR EYES! say these things, Jesus Christ, AMEN!" How funny hu!? I got caught red handed with my eyes open staring and laughing at her. Her birthday is coming up in April and she wants every barbie and princess thing that she sees on TV! She also wants one hundred princess scooters and one hundred candies!

Cameron is still teasing his little sister like crazy! They always have to race for everything! I thought it was a good idea at first to get them places faster but i quickly change my mind after the one that loses throws a tantrum! Colin went goose hunting a couple times and came back with one goose! He was mad he missed the best day of goose hunting the day we went to Saltlake to get family pictures and see my friends. (Talia took our pictures! I cant wait to see them!). Ill post them soon! As for me im keeping extremely busy between work and family. This manager business is alot harder then i thought it would be. There are just a ton of things the keep track of and trying to keep nine other girls happy at the same time is an impossible task! Anyways i guess i should try to have fun with my atemps! Well im gonna go check on baby Kyler he is sleeping!

The Andersons

The Andersons
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