Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We Love our new little boy!

Hi everyone! Its been so much fun having a new baby at home! Kyler loves bathtime as you can see! My maternity leave has gone by way too fast though! im really not looking forward to going back to wrok and being away from him so much but thats life i guess. We had a scare last night i Took Kyler to the Emergency Room because Taylee (bless her little heart) she was trying to be a helpful big sister and put kyler in his swing. Well she got him half way there. She drug him off the bed and when i found him he was lying on the floor! i freaked out! i had no way of knowing how hard he hit the floor or if he was set lightly down so being the paranoid mother that i am i took him in to get checked out! luckily the Doctor said that he was just fine! A couple hundred dollars later, but its worth my babys life!

Poor cameron has been sick since last thursday with a fever and a headache. We took him to the Doctor on Saturday and they said that he has a bacterial infection. :( he is acting alot more like himself now (picking on his little sister all the time!)

I cant wait for christmas this year! its gonna be so fun with the kids getting a little older, everything they see on TV they want! I just wish i had more mulla this year. But i just love the Chrismas Season in general! my sister came over and we made Chrismas candy all day, it was so fun but im all chocolated out! i never thought i would say that! lol

My favorite thing to do at christmas is sit in the living room in the dark with the christmas tree lights on, listening to kenny Gs Christmas Cd holding my precious baby boy or drinking sparkling white grape juice with my honey!

Well i hope everyone has a Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year! I dont know when i get another chance to write, being a stay at home mom is alot bussier than ya think!

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The Andersons
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