Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kyler got a new ducky bathtub he likes to splash in the water.

Today was agood day! Colin got up and helped me get the kids ready for school! Taylee went to her first day of Preschool. I rode with Terra and when we found her class and her teacher she sat right down and started coloring no hugging my leg or crying! Yeah! When i picked her up she told me she had fun and "mom I wasn't even shy!" lol Her teacher told me that she would be shy and quiet one minute then it was like she would forget that she was being shy and would say some big long sentence the next minute. They were very impressed with how well she could talk! After we picked her up we went grocery shopping at Walmart (Colin says we needed groceries but his real reason for going was to buy fishing stuff!)lol Then Colin let me go buy a new outfit at Maurices for my 10 year reunion! Yeah i never get new clothes anymore. Shopping is definately not as fun as it was when i was skinny and had money! We stopped at the bank on the way home and then went to go pick up Cameron from school! I told Colin he was going to throw a fit because Taylee got new sunglasses and a new fishin pole, He said no he will be excited because we bought him a new lunch box! Sure enough not two minutes of being in the truck he threw a huge tanrum! lol He felt a little better after seeing all the goodies mom bought to go with his lunch box! Anyways i guess it was such a good day because i was able to spent time with my little family ive been stuck at work super late lately and just feeling stressed and tired. I felt like today was a well deserved day off. We went to Cameron's back to school night and met his teacher and saw his classroom. He was super excited to show us all of his art projects! Colin went fishing with Matt tonight(yes again!) but its okay im going to do something that i think is fun (scrapbook?) and leave to house work for colin to do tomarrow! he has four days off a week i figure at least one day a week he can play the stay at home dad role! :) I deserve a little RnR too right!? Well Goodnight

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This summer has been a busy one! In May my sasha kitty had kittens they were so cute! We kept the runt and named her miley! Colin was mean and wouldn't let us keep anymore.
Cameron gratuaded Kindergarten turned six on May 24th, and then started t-ball in June. He went to summer School and was seeing a tutor named Joyce starting at the end of June! He would go every tuesday and thursday morning. She was incredible! She is a volunteer tutor at the library and we were so lucky to have found her. She boosted Camerons confidence and helped him (and me) to want to read. She sent him on a reading road map and every destination he would get a prize! This definately motovated him, sometimes he would try to get up to three or four prizes. (Which would be about sixty minutes of reading at least)She would play reading games with him and just made it incredibly fun! He wants to do it again next summer too, although now he won't need it! ! lol He just started first grade yesterday! He likes his Teacher Mrs. Owens. I gave him lunch money to eat school lunch and he gave the money to the lunch lady but then never ate lunch! silly kid. I guess he didn't understand! i think he is catching on now. :)
We only went camping once this summer. In mid July we went to black Smith Fork just me and the kids that was fun, but not near long enough. Colin is really getting into fishing with his buddy Matt and he just went dove hunting with his dad today.

Kyler is getting so big! he is adorable when he is hyper and chattery. By June he had seven teeth! Now he is Army Crawling (like all the other kids!) Its so funny to watch. He pulls himself with his arms and pushes with his feet and he looks like a little inch worm. He is saying Da Da, Ma Ma, Ba Ba, and Ya! He just melts my heart when he grins at me! When people he doesnt know get him to smile he grins and then burries his face like he is being shy its so cute!
Taylee is my little cheer leader! She was getting tired of cameron doing everything and her having nothing to do so her Nana put her in Mini Cheer camp! The first practice she just hugged my leg the second one she sat by her dad and the third one she finally particapeted by holding her cousin Saigers hand! After the first practice she told her dad, "Dad i just stood there cause there was too many people." She definetely has her dads shy gene. She starts Preschool on thursday and is going to be bussed out to Corinne! Mom is a little nervous about that bacause of her shyness but hopefully she will like it!
As for me i have no free time i feel like between my job and being a mom i never even get to scapbook! :( Im looking forward to peachdays and my 10 year reunion! Other then i feel older then ever! I do enjoy an occation tv series like the batchlorette! anyways i better say goodbye for now Colin is starring at me hopefully we can spent a minute together!
bubye for now!

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