Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We Love our new little boy!

Hi everyone! Its been so much fun having a new baby at home! Kyler loves bathtime as you can see! My maternity leave has gone by way too fast though! im really not looking forward to going back to wrok and being away from him so much but thats life i guess. We had a scare last night i Took Kyler to the Emergency Room because Taylee (bless her little heart) she was trying to be a helpful big sister and put kyler in his swing. Well she got him half way there. She drug him off the bed and when i found him he was lying on the floor! i freaked out! i had no way of knowing how hard he hit the floor or if he was set lightly down so being the paranoid mother that i am i took him in to get checked out! luckily the Doctor said that he was just fine! A couple hundred dollars later, but its worth my babys life!

Poor cameron has been sick since last thursday with a fever and a headache. We took him to the Doctor on Saturday and they said that he has a bacterial infection. :( he is acting alot more like himself now (picking on his little sister all the time!)

I cant wait for christmas this year! its gonna be so fun with the kids getting a little older, everything they see on TV they want! I just wish i had more mulla this year. But i just love the Chrismas Season in general! my sister came over and we made Chrismas candy all day, it was so fun but im all chocolated out! i never thought i would say that! lol

My favorite thing to do at christmas is sit in the living room in the dark with the christmas tree lights on, listening to kenny Gs Christmas Cd holding my precious baby boy or drinking sparkling white grape juice with my honey!

Well i hope everyone has a Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year! I dont know when i get another chance to write, being a stay at home mom is alot bussier than ya think!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Meet Kyler Brady Anderson

Feedin Time!

Taylee is such a helpful big sister!

Big Eyes!

soo sad!

Big Brother Little Brother!

Going Home

So Tiny

In the hospital!

What a cutie!

Kylers brother and sister can't get enough!

First Family Photo With Kyler!

Mommy and Baby

Daddy and his kids

Kyler Brady!

Daddy and Kyler had a long day!

Kyler Brady Anderson
Born tuesday Nov. 18th @ 7:58a.m.
9 pounds 4 ounces
21 inches long

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kyler comes on Tuesday!

Thirty eight hours left! I am offically off work until next year! Yeah im so happy. I never thought that i would make it through this weekend at work cause ive been having so many contractions. But i did it. Now i just have to make it through a day and a half of catching up laundry and cleaning my house. We have had my nieces and nephews over this weekend and its been great having them here. They live in pocotello, but all i ve been doing is picking up after everyone. Probley me own kids the most but i have contrations everytime i bend over to pick something up!
My salon threw me a little babyshower at our meeting the other night. It was so fun getting some new baby stuff. I really haven't bought hardly anything for poor Kyler cause i have all camerons old stuff but its really not as fun. So thank you girls!
Cameron and Taylee are so excited. They are going to stay with their nanna and Papa while im in the hospital for three days. Im excited to have a few days with just me and the baby!(oh i guess colin will be there for most of the time:)!)
Well i will post some new pics of the baby when i get home from the hospital!

Daddy's little Duck hunters!

Daddy has only been out duck huntin like once or twice but he took the kids with him and he still got his limit!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Well we had a very fun evening last night. Colin was at work and me and the kids were home chillin on my bed! (well i was chillin) The kids think that its fun to play two little monkeys jumping on the bed! Even after telling them to knock it off several times they contnued to do it! All of a sudden i saw cameron flying threw the air and heard a few very loud thuds! i thought he probley hit his head and back or legs cause it was so loud but threw the sobs he managed to tell me it was just his nose that hurt! I stoped the bleeding, but it was getting very swollen and he said he couldn't breath so i called colin home from work and after looking up symptoms on the web MD we decided we better take him in cause it looked like he broke it, he had all the symptoms. We got there and Cameron was a very scared quivering little boy, but the doctor was so nice he gave Taylee and Cameron both suckers and stickers. After a CT Scan and a couple hundred dollars later the doctor said there was nothing broken just a contution and a hematoma, which in english that means swelling and bruising. By the time we left the hospital it was 10:30 and Cameron was bouncing off the walls again!
I played a trick on my boss and made her think that it was me going in! Haha it was funny but i really wish it would have been me. The last few weeks are sooo misserable! One more week folks and thats all! We will soon meet baby Kyler!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

This week was crazy! we went to a boo fest last saterday, two halloween carnivals during the week, and two trunk or treats on friday then we went trick or treating besides! Luckily we got rained out and had to come home! The kids got way too much candy! I don't know why i let them get so much! (ok maybe its so i can eat some too!)I bet if i gave them one piece a day they wouldn't run out until next year! Then yesterday they both went to a birthday party and got two grabbags each! talk about spoiled! It was a fun week though. Colin accually went to bed with me two times this week and (here is the kicker) he even woke up early enough to take cameron to school breakfast! (for those who don't know he works graveyard) I was so excited to accually get to spend some time with him. On thursday he accidentally set my alarm an hour early so we got up at six. He woke up and made us french toast and cheesy eggs yumm! Then after cameron went to school he started what he calls Operation Kyler! lol which means to dejunk the house to make room for kyler! I don't know if i have had a nesting phase yet but at least for that day he was on one! it was great! He was cleaning out cuboards and organizing closets. This lasted about half the day until his friends called and wanted him to go golfing! bugger.
But im getting so excited i only have two weeks and two days left yeah! My c-section is sceduled for the 18th at 7:15 am. we have to be there at 6:00! can't wait!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Three more weeks to go! 12 more working days! I finally got Kylers clothes washed and ready to go! I can't hardly stand the wait! I think that ill get better sleep when he is here and i don't have to get up six times a night to go pee!
Taylee was so cute last night! We are trying to get her off a bottle for when the baby gets here. She does good other than she asks for one when she is tired at night. last night i offered her a cup and she said "But cups don't make me happy mom!" it was so cute i had to give in and let her have one so she would be happy! She is completely potty trained now! Even through the night. As long as she gets up to go once during the night (which isn't a problem since im up every hour to go myself!)
Cameron is doing so good learning how to read! And weve been better at getting him to school on time. he loves to eat school breakfast with his little buddies, Hayden and Jacksen. They are still so cute and little next to all the older kids in the school.
well talk to ya all later. Taylee is begging for my attention so i better give it to her!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The two little munchkins

This Is Precious and Sasha THE loves of Taylees life!

Daddy loves to torture cameron! (dont worry cameron dishes it too!) He is hangin on the banaster!


Taylee Chocolate Monster!

its getting closer!

Its finally getting closer! I am so tired of being pregnant! I only have one month and two days left! yeah! The kids went hunting with Colin yesterday. Both of them went and he still got his limit! Taylee was sooo excited that she got to sit in the boat (its really just like a sled). But now they are covered in misquito bites poor babys! They had Fun though, it was about time colin got out that was his first duck hunt of the year and its been open for a week or two. I was gettting ready to check his forehead to see if he had a fevor cause ussually he has decoys scattered all over my lawn days before the hunt begins!
Cameron did well at parent teacher conferences except he has excessive tardys(hes only in Kindergarten!) because his mother didn't realize she was getting him there late every day! His teacher is kind of a natzi.
Taylee is saying a prayer right now! she does random stuff like that all the time. She says help us to be good, help us to be nice to the kitties, help us to be nice to Jesus. Amen! She is such a sweet heart, At least when she is not kicking or biting her brother.
Good news I didnt have to get rid of my kitties after all. Colin threatened to throw them in the river if i didnt get rid of them because they were poopin in the house. But then i made a deal with him that he could buy a new xbox controler if i could keep them and it worked and they havent been having very many accidents since then so Taylee is excited. It wouldbreak her little heart to get rid of them she loves them more then life!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tay~ Tay~

She is as sweet as ever! Every time that Cameron gets into trouble she is right there to say "Mommy im not naughty, im a good girl!" She is almost fully pottytrained the accidents and becoming few and far between (which i think is due to the barbies we keep bribing her with!). She loves to play dress up and play with her dolls but she can definately get down in the dirt with the boys and digg for worms! She is a pure joy to have around, other than a few tantrums here or there!


So Cameron has a hard time sleeping in his own bed. The little booger always sneaks into bed with me by the end of the night. So he says "Mom I'll make you a deal! I'll sleep on the floor by your bed unless its thundering and lightening then i get to sleep with you, ok mom!" i said ok, but now every time he hears the sprinklers hit the window he thinks its raining and he says "remember mom i get to sleep withyou tonight!" Lol so needless to say that situation hasn't gotten any better. He has a crush on one of Colins friends wifes. Its so cute his first little crush he is always asking "mom when can i see Taylor again? She is pretty, I love her." He even had a dream about her one night. He's quite the kid!

Friday, September 12, 2008

peach days

We had a blast at peach days! Cameron Got to ride on the big truck with his school in the parade! Then while i was working Colin let them win two new froggies! Cameron named his Pluto and Taylee's is Mickey. LOL you can tell they have been watching playhouse disney! Sonow We have two dogs, two cats and two frogs!

School days

Cameron is loving kindergarten! he is always so excited to do his homework. He also loves fridays because its show and tell. Taylee loves the mom and me time that she gets when cameron is not around. She always want to go everywhere with mom or dad. She is a daddy's girl too. The pictures are of her choking her babies! lol we have been trying to teach her that kitties dont like to be choked!
I cant wait to be done being prego! im really getting tired of the always having to pee feeling! 66 days and counting!
Thank you to my very awsome friend cora for helping me set up my blogT

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