Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cameron is growing up so fast. He went to play at his friend Hayden's house last friday night all by himself! He is still very hard to get to bed at night and up in the morning but we are working on that. He is way into art projects in fact when given the option of scrapbooking with mom or fishing with dad he choose to stay home and scrapbook with me! lol Colin is pulling Taylee to the dark side though! haha she loves to go with her Daddy!
Taylee started preschool and has been going on the bus! She loves it. The first day i went to get her off the bus, she said "no mom im not getting off the bus until you go inside!" :) lol She informs me all the time that she is not my baby girl she is my BIG girl! I don't know how she can be such a little stinker but so darn cute all at the same time! She really thinks that she is the boss! She told me that her shirt told her that! (she has a shirt that says im the boss my parents are just for show)
Kyler is Crawling now! In September he was pulling himself around the floor getting everywhere he needed to be getting into everything! Just a few weeks ago we got his shots done and it must have hurt his poor little legs to drag himself because that night he started crawling on his knees! Ten months is the soonest any of my kids have crwaled ( at least the normal way)..
Colin has been duck hunting two times now thanks to his buddy Burke! He says he has lost his fire. I hope he gets to go deer hunting. His truck broke down yesterday and my car is in the shop because i got in a fender bender on peach days! Nothing like having all these problems at once! Owell life is still good can't complain too much!
As for me ive been organizing my scrapbook closet! I got to go down to the making memories scrapbook sale a few weeks ago! I spent way too much money! I got there so late the everything was buy one get one free!Yeah go me! I still spent over my limit!bad me but owell its only once a year right!? well im gonna go put some of that stuff i bought to good use!
blog again another day!

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