Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tay~ Tay~

She is as sweet as ever! Every time that Cameron gets into trouble she is right there to say "Mommy im not naughty, im a good girl!" She is almost fully pottytrained the accidents and becoming few and far between (which i think is due to the barbies we keep bribing her with!). She loves to play dress up and play with her dolls but she can definately get down in the dirt with the boys and digg for worms! She is a pure joy to have around, other than a few tantrums here or there!


So Cameron has a hard time sleeping in his own bed. The little booger always sneaks into bed with me by the end of the night. So he says "Mom I'll make you a deal! I'll sleep on the floor by your bed unless its thundering and lightening then i get to sleep with you, ok mom!" i said ok, but now every time he hears the sprinklers hit the window he thinks its raining and he says "remember mom i get to sleep withyou tonight!" Lol so needless to say that situation hasn't gotten any better. He has a crush on one of Colins friends wifes. Its so cute his first little crush he is always asking "mom when can i see Taylor again? She is pretty, I love her." He even had a dream about her one night. He's quite the kid!

Friday, September 12, 2008

peach days

We had a blast at peach days! Cameron Got to ride on the big truck with his school in the parade! Then while i was working Colin let them win two new froggies! Cameron named his Pluto and Taylee's is Mickey. LOL you can tell they have been watching playhouse disney! Sonow We have two dogs, two cats and two frogs!

School days

Cameron is loving kindergarten! he is always so excited to do his homework. He also loves fridays because its show and tell. Taylee loves the mom and me time that she gets when cameron is not around. She always want to go everywhere with mom or dad. She is a daddy's girl too. The pictures are of her choking her babies! lol we have been trying to teach her that kitties dont like to be choked!
I cant wait to be done being prego! im really getting tired of the always having to pee feeling! 66 days and counting!
Thank you to my very awsome friend cora for helping me set up my blogT

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