Monday, October 27, 2008

Three more weeks to go! 12 more working days! I finally got Kylers clothes washed and ready to go! I can't hardly stand the wait! I think that ill get better sleep when he is here and i don't have to get up six times a night to go pee!
Taylee was so cute last night! We are trying to get her off a bottle for when the baby gets here. She does good other than she asks for one when she is tired at night. last night i offered her a cup and she said "But cups don't make me happy mom!" it was so cute i had to give in and let her have one so she would be happy! She is completely potty trained now! Even through the night. As long as she gets up to go once during the night (which isn't a problem since im up every hour to go myself!)
Cameron is doing so good learning how to read! And weve been better at getting him to school on time. he loves to eat school breakfast with his little buddies, Hayden and Jacksen. They are still so cute and little next to all the older kids in the school.
well talk to ya all later. Taylee is begging for my attention so i better give it to her!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The two little munchkins

This Is Precious and Sasha THE loves of Taylees life!

Daddy loves to torture cameron! (dont worry cameron dishes it too!) He is hangin on the banaster!


Taylee Chocolate Monster!

its getting closer!

Its finally getting closer! I am so tired of being pregnant! I only have one month and two days left! yeah! The kids went hunting with Colin yesterday. Both of them went and he still got his limit! Taylee was sooo excited that she got to sit in the boat (its really just like a sled). But now they are covered in misquito bites poor babys! They had Fun though, it was about time colin got out that was his first duck hunt of the year and its been open for a week or two. I was gettting ready to check his forehead to see if he had a fevor cause ussually he has decoys scattered all over my lawn days before the hunt begins!
Cameron did well at parent teacher conferences except he has excessive tardys(hes only in Kindergarten!) because his mother didn't realize she was getting him there late every day! His teacher is kind of a natzi.
Taylee is saying a prayer right now! she does random stuff like that all the time. She says help us to be good, help us to be nice to the kitties, help us to be nice to Jesus. Amen! She is such a sweet heart, At least when she is not kicking or biting her brother.
Good news I didnt have to get rid of my kitties after all. Colin threatened to throw them in the river if i didnt get rid of them because they were poopin in the house. But then i made a deal with him that he could buy a new xbox controler if i could keep them and it worked and they havent been having very many accidents since then so Taylee is excited. It wouldbreak her little heart to get rid of them she loves them more then life!

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