Thursday, November 19, 2009


We had a fun Halloween this year! We dressed the kids up three times! Once for the boo fest and once for Camersons Halloween carnival and Then again on Halloween Night! Kyler wore three different costumes! A Monster, a Cow, and then a Monkey! i Wanted to see him get use out of all of them! lol Cameron went as a Ghost and Taylee was a Ballerina Princess! Poor little Taylee was sick the saterday of the Boo Fest so she didn't get to go to that but we got her some candy! Don't worry she definately didn't go without! (Everyone in the Family got sick except me! The doc said it wasnt swine though thank goodness but he thought it was a bacterial infection!)

Thursday Colin got some pumkins and we all watched him carve them (well we helped a little)hehe! That was a fun family night! Grandma even came over and saw the kids costumes.
Friday we went to Cam's School carnival and played games at all the different rooms! The kiddos enjoy this, they didn't get alot of candy but they did get prizes at every room! That was good because the next night on Haloween they got loaded! We went to our wards trunk or treat it was two wards this year so it was bigger! Then we stopped by Katrina's church to say hi to them and Uncle Brian gave every one a huge handful of suckers! Then we went to nana and papas! They got lots of stuff from them (surprise surprise). They got reflector lights that blink to keep them safe while they trick or treat! About eight oclock we went out with Terra Ian and Savannah around our big block! They were Loaded when we got home I had candy scattered all over my living room!We counted Camerons suckers he had about 25! Later we went to my moms house to see Grandma and Granpa and Jonell and her kids! By the time we got home we were tuckered out! Taylee the little stinker ate her candy within a few days! she is a sneacky little stink! she gets a chair and climbs up and got it off the fridge without me even realizing it until i got home from work and it was devoured! Cameron Savored his a little better i think he even has a few suckers left! It was a fun holiday!


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