Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hi everyone! We had so much fun at Kylers first birthday party! He is such a little cutie pie! Thanks to all the family and friends that came! He was very tired duing the present opening although he did enjoy it! Then when it came time to eat his cake he was very cautious! he waited for his daddy to help him get down and dirty then when it was all over his hands he kept looking for one to the other like are they really letting me do this!?Kyler is not quite walking he either walks on his tippy toes or he just sits right down! He will do it in his own time! Im not ready for that stage yet anyways. He is however standing very well he can just hang on with just one hand now so he is getting good and he is a professional stair climber! He just got his ninth tooth too!

He has been playing with his new toys today! His leggos and blocks are his favorite he is great at putting them away! Then he finds a box and is entertained by that too!I really wish that i could just freeze time though! it really makes me sad that my kiddos are gettting so big! Taylee and Cameron just got their H1N1 shot yesterday also! Taylee took it like a champ and Cameron cried like a baby all the way home! HE is so cute though he has been a busy little bee making thanksgiving decorations and hanging them all over the house! he loves little art projects!
Taylee is really getting into the Barbie scene with her best friend Anna i really want to find her a barbie house for Christmas so that i can accually see her sometimes! She says she has to play at Annas house cause anna has all the fun barbie stuff! Speaking of that i better go see where she went its really quiet! That is never good!


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